Indian Airway Helpline Level 1 short codes - Toll Free numbers, Emergency services, Life, Health helpline, Public welfare services

Level 1 short codes - Value Added services

In indian telecom network some Level-1 numbers are used for specialised services. Presently availabe Helpline Numbers, Emergency service numbers are listed here. These Level 1 route codes and related service informations are collected from various trusted sources. These informations are presented here in the interest of public. We have taken at most care in accuracy of information. Any how please read our legal disclaimer.

We all know, some familiar codes like 100, 101, 108 ... But there are lot more important helplines are there. At some point of time you may in urgency to search, me too. For those needy people, collectively presented here. You may share these among your freinds, by google +1 or Social sharing plugin, or by Emailing this site link. And please do not copy paste.

Value Added Services by Telecom Operator

Route Code Route Discription
116 Wakeup call Registration For Land Line Telephone
117 Wakeup call Cancellation For Land Line Telephone
118 Call waiting Registration For Land Line Telephone
119 Call Wailing Cancellation For Land Line Telephone
1220 Call Forwarding Busy Registration for Land Line Telephone
1221 Call Forwarding Busy Cancellation for Land Line Telephone
1222 Call Forwarding No Reply Registration
1223 Call Forwarding No Reply Cancellation for Land Line Telephone
1224 Call Forwarding Unconditional Registration
1225 Call Forwarding Unconditional Cancellation for Land Line Telephone
123 Dynamic STD Password Setting For Land Line Telephone
124 Class of Service Registration For Land Line Telephone
1580 BSNL Trunk Call Booking
1581 BSNL Trunk Call Assistance
1582 BSNL STD compalint
1583 National Directory Enquiry (NDQ) Service
1586 BSNL International Call Booking
1587 BSNL Trunk Enquiry (for International calls)
1588 International Trunk delay information
170 Voice Mail Service
171 Access to Data Services
172222 CLI based Internet PSTN – BSNL
172223 CLI based Internet ISDN – BSNL
172225 Dial up Internet from ISDN – BSNL
172233 Dial up Internet from PSTN – BSNL
172x Access to Internet Services
1801 Virtual Private Network
1802 Virtual Card calling (VCC)
1803 Tele-voting (No charge)
1804 Account Card Calling (ACC)
1807xyz Universal Access Number(UAN) Management
1808xyz Universal Personal Number (UPN) Management
1809xyz Virtual Private Network (VPN) Call forwarding
1860 Universal Number (local)
1861 Tele-voting
1865xyz Change in Number (CIN)
1866xyz Credit Calling Card (CCC)
1868xyz Universal Personal Number (UPN)
1869xyz Universal Access Number(UAN)-long distance
1900 MNP – Mobile Number Portablity: receiving SMS from its customers requesting for a Unique Porting Code (UPC) to all access service providers
1901 MNP – Mobile Number Portablity: For communicating Unique Porting Code (UPC) to customer to all access service providers
1909 National Do Not Call (NDNC) registry in India
1951 Changed Number Announcement by Access Privider
1960 Number to Name/Address Enquiry Service

Call charges for Level-1 services

Not all Level-1 codes are Free services. Some services are Toll free(Free of Charge) and some codes are Chargeable. For Example,

  • 100 - Police
  • 101- Fire Rescure Service
  • 108- EMRI Service
  • 1800xxx - Free Phone Services
  • 1098 - Child Help line

such type of service are Free / Not charged. To get charging information you may approach your Telecom service provider.

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