Want to buy mobile phone insurance, choose the insurance provider carefully.

Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance

Nowadays, having mobile phone insurance is just as important as having a cell phone. We count on it for many things, like business and communication. In this case, losing or breaking the phone could cause a lot of trouble. We can choose this option to get our money back if our phone is stolen or damaged by accident.

Mobile Phone Insurance: What is It?

People who lose or damage their phones could have their data deleted or stolen, which could cause many problems, including financial ones. Today, people spend a lot of money on smartphones, and any problem with them can cost a lot. To get around these problems, businesses now offer mobile phone insurance plans. With these cell phone insurance plans, you can get coverage for loss or damage to any type of phone, including smartphones.

Knowing that your mobile device is covered by insurance can give you peace of mind, especially considering the high cost of smartphones and tablets. You can use your device without worrying too much about potential accidents or theft.

Benefits of Mobile Insurance Plans

The perks of a mobile insurance plan make it useful because it covers things. Because of these things, mobile insurance is a must-have for your phone:

  • Replacement of a misplaced phone is easy:
    Having your phone stolen or lost frequently results in a significant financial loss. The prices would be inconceivable if your phone were a high-end smartphone. The insurance policy pays for this loss and provides you with cash support. This frees you from worrying about money so that you can purchase another phone.
  • Compensation for maintenance expenses:
    When you drop your phone and break it or if moisture gets inside the internal components of your phone, the cost of repairs can be high. The expenses may become exorbitant, reaching tens of thousands of dollars. You won't have to worry about running out of money in the event of losses because a mobile insurance policy pays for repairs.
  • Is more extensive than a warranty:
    Mobile phone companies let you extend your warranty to cover device damage. Nevertheless, these guarantees are dismissed if your phone is stolen or lost. This is where having a mobile insurance policy helps.

Mobile Insurance Providers

These are some of the big insurance providers which are providing their services in India and USA.

Verizon Cell Phone Protection

Verizon Cell Phone protection offers free broken screen repair, infinite claims, and Pro On the Go same-day setup and delivery. You will also receive round-the-clock access to privacy and digital security technologies.

USAA Cell Phone Plans

USAA Insurance Agency has partnered with ProtectCELL, a mobile device protection market leader. Members can save up to 22% and select from three payment plans to safeguard phones activated in the last 12 months.

Certain Features of USAA Cell Phone Plans:

  • Certain Features of USAA Cell Phone Plans:
  • For a two-year prepaid plan, pay an average of $7.09 monthly. Refer to note 3.
  • Get a free 50 GB cloud storage space.
  • For extra security, download the SafeStoreTM app for free.
  • Remotely lock and find your phone.

Go Digit Mobile Insurance

What's the first thing that scares you when you drop your phone? Cross your fingers—you hope the screen hasn't broken or been damaged in any way, right? An often-seen problem with phones these days is screen harm—there and everywhere else in the world. Because of this, we made a mobile insurance product that quickly takes care of that!

There is no difference between an old or new phone, where you are in the world, or who is using your phone. Online mobile insurance from Digit is the only one of its kind. It will always have your back, protect your phone, and make sure your pocket doesn't get dents or damage.

What makes Digit's Mobile Phone Insurance So Good?

  • New and Old Phones: We now offer mobile insurance for both new and old/used phones.
  • Covered for accidental screen damage: Heartbreaks most frequently result from screen damage! We cover all screen damage from liquid or unintentional damage!
  • Cheap: Purchase this mobile insurance policy for nearly the same amount as a screen guard!
  • Global coverage: Travel the world without concern. Our mobile insurance coverage is universally enforceable.
  • IMEI-linked cover: This mobile insurance policy is good for everyone who uses a phone, whether you, a family member, or an acquaintance. It is associated with the phone's IMEI rather than the user's.
  • Payback up to the Sum Insured— We will display the Sum Insured to you at the time of purchase. Following claim acceptance, you can receive reimbursement for your repair expenses up to the amount of insurance.

Bajaj Finserv Mobile Insurance

Benefits of Bajaj Finserv Mobile Phone Insurance

  1. 100% coverage is available for INR 1,212.
    Covers fluids and unintentional damage to your mobile device's display. Get extra benefits from your mobile theft insurance as well.
  2. Includes mechanical failure
    The coverage includes damage from an electrical malfunction to your mobile device's display.
  3. Two claims maximum per plan year
    During the plan's duration, you can get benefits from the mobile screen insurance plan twice.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, protect your phone with a mobile insurance plan to guard against monetary losses if misplaced, stolen, or damaged. The premiums are quite affordable, making it convenient and hassle-free to purchase insurance.