Free Online Call

Free Online Call

Are you looking for free online call via Internet? Let us tell you that this facility is available on our website, using which you can call your Friends and Family members online for free. This website-based, Free online calling facility works in India as well as in other countries around the world, Including the USA. To use the facility of this free Internet call, you have to follow the Instructions given below. 

To make free phone calls online without Downloading our App, you have to follow some easy steps, which are given below.

Free Online Call

How to Make free phone calls online without download app

If you want to make a Phone call online without Downloading our application, then you have to give microphone and camera permission after opening our website on Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. After that, login with your Gmail ID and make free Internet calls to any Landline or Mobile phone.

Free Call Via Internet to Mobile's Web-Based Voice Call App is one of the Best Voice Calling Application in India and provides you the Facility to make free, Unlimited voice calls via Internet to any landline or mobile phone. This Free Internet calling app also allows you to make Unlimited Free calls in India and the USA without paying a single penny.

Free Call App Without Number

You don't need a Phone Number to make Free online calls. When making a call after Logging in with your Gmail ID, Apple ID, or Facebook ID, our Free Internet calling app Automatically calls the Phone Number provided by you from its System generated Five-digit Number. It is the most Reliable, Secure, & Standard way to make Phone calls over the Internet. You can freely use this online calling app without number.

Free Online Call from PC to Mobile

Our web-based calling services provide Free Online Calls from PC to Mobile or landline. This will require you to create a user account on and provide your contact details. Once registered, you can call any mobile number in India directly using the website. In India, some other popular web-based calling App Include Google Voice, Facebook Messenger, and Zoom. Free International Call.

Benefits of Free Online Calls

Cost-effective: Making Free online calls from PC to Mobile Phone saves you money on long distance or international calls.

Convenience: You can make Free HD Voice & Video calls anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a Normal Internet connection.

Flexibility: Online calls provide the flexibility to switch between different devices or phone without Interrupting.


Free Online Calling has changed the way we communicate, providing an Economical and convenient solution for connecting with others around the world. With its many advantages including affordability, accessibility and Rich features, free online calls have become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. Whether you're keeping in contact with friends and family or leading business universally, adopting this technology can enhance your communication experience and open up new possibilities.