Mobile Number Portability- MNP - step by step procedure

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) procedure step-by-step

What is Mobile Number Portability?

Mobile number portability (MNP) enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another.

Is Mobile Number Portability required for you?

As a mobile phone user, you have numerous choices to choose your prefered Mobile operator. Almost most of us having mobile phone, on some time you may inclined to switch over to your prefered mobile operator, but without changing your mobile number. If this is your position, you can go for Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

Step by step procedure for Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability STEP 1 :

From your existing mobile number send te following SMS . PORT <space> <10digit_mobile_no> to 1900.
Example : PORT 9123456789 to 1900 and you will receive a UPC(Unique Porting Code) CODE in reply SMS. Note it down. The UPC is valid for 15 days (30 days in case of J&K, NE & Assam Service Areas).

Mobile Number Portability STEP 2 :

Now goto the nearest Customer service centre or the retailer of the operator you want to shift to and fill an application form, with the UPC code received by SMS. Also you need to provide a copy of valid address and identity proof and submit a passport size photograph as well as. They will give you a tentative date of your mobile number will functional in new mobile service provider. And you will also get a new SIM card from them.

The customer centre will give a empty sim, after your payment and document submission. With in 1 day you will receive an acceptance message to confirm the porting.

Mobile Number Portability STEP 3 :

Once your mobile number ported into your prefered new mobile operator, your old SIM card stops functional. Now its time to replace your old SIM by new SIM. So nsert the new sim in your phone, Now you are in the new network with old number. And your choosen new Mobile operator service starts functional.

Conditions applicable to Mobile Number Portability

  • The customer can port-into another operator only if he/she has been with that operator for at least 90 days.
  • You need to clear all your dues up to the time of porting. In case you have any dues pending, your current operator can reject your porting request.
  • Customer can choose Prepaid or Postpaid with any plan available with new Mobile service provider, irrespective of any plan on previous mobile operator.
  • During MNP you need to pay Rs.19/- (maximum) as MNP charges. Some mobile operators offer at free of cost.
  • It is heppening that, in existing Post paid connection for the matter of 1 rupee balance dues, your MNP request may be denied by your existing mobile operators. So it is suggested to pay excess than expect bill amount.
  • After you sent a PORT out SMS request, you may get calls from current operator asking you the reasons for porting out and they will try and resolve your problem and offer you competitive plans to retain you. Most probably you may expect such a phone call. At this time also you have option to witdraw your request.
  • The MNP process took about 7 working days. (15 working days in case of Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and North East service areas).
  • Once you ported to new operator, the minimum time to stay with the new operator is 3 months. So in this 3 months time you can't able to port your number once again.