Emergency Services Level 1 short codes - Toll Free numbers, Emergency services, Life, Health helpline, Public welfare services

Level 1 short codes - Emergency Services

In indian telecom network some Level-1 numbers are used for specialised services. Presently availabe Helpline Numbers, Emergency service numbers are listed here. These Level 1 route codes and related service informations are collected from various trusted sources. These informations are presented here in the interest of public. We have taken at most care in accuracy of information. Any how please read our legal disclaimer.

We all know, some familiar codes like 100, 101, 108 ... But there are lot more important helplines are there. At some point of time you may in urgency to search, me too. For those needy people, collectively presented here. You may share these among your freinds, by google +1 or Social sharing plugin, or by Emailing this site link. And please do not copy paste.

Emergency Services

Route Code Route Discription
100 Police Station
101 Fire Rescue Service
102 Ambulance
103 Traffic Police
1031 Delhi and NCR help line service, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
104 State level Health information helpline
1056 Emergency medical services in local area
10581 State Govt. of Tamil Nadu for ‘Prohibition Enforcement wing (PEW)- Helpline’. Alternate number : 1800-425-0581
1070 Central Relief Commissioner for Natural Calamities
1071 Air Accident Information
1072 Train accident information
1073 Road Accident Information
108 Emergency and Disaster Management Services(EMRI) – Free within state boundaries
1090 Helpline at Police Contol Room (at selected places)
1091 Women crisis response Centre
10921 Women help line, TTDC, Krishna dist, AP
1093 Coastal Security Help Line
1095 Traffic control helpline
1096 Natural Disaster Help Line
1098 Children Help line
1554 Maritime SAR emergency to Indian coast guard
1718 Maritime Search and Rescue control room of coastal guard
181 Women National Helpline, Delhi

Call charges for Level-1 services

Not all Level-1 codes are Free services. Some services are Toll free(Free of Charge) and some codes are Chargeable. For Example,

  • 100 - Police
  • 101- Fire Rescure Service
  • 108- EMRI Service
  • 1800xxx - Free Phone Services
  • 1098 - Child Help line

such type of service are Free / Not charged. To get charging information you may approach your Telecom service provider.

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